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released August 4, 2015

carmen perry sings on "blood"
santi slade plays drums on "passover song" and "vacation"
santi sings on "vacation," too
cover by jack



all rights reserved


spring onion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

cebd iv

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Track Name: cry about it - spirt
i talked to my dad, i talked to my mom, to hear what she thought of how i'd started off. i talked to my dad, because i tricked myself again, the spirit is gone and there is nothing left.

any death dream will dissolve & time never stops for anyone.
Track Name: cry about it - blood
you could leave the tv on, i won't even try to call, go to sleep and leave it on. i can deal with feeling bad, it's a different kind of drag, waking up and seeing black.

was it something that you saw, in a dream or not at all? any sentiment is small. i could stay mad at you all, but it's more fun to up and call. i like to talk to you it's all i want.

i feel the water rising up my body. i feel a heart that's pumping blood.
Track Name: cry about it - town
from the stillness of my bedroom, to the empty streets outside today. is it interesting for you to have to listen, to have to hear me say...
"life can be so weird and i just make it hard"

can you tell me what i'm reading? talk to me like i am stupid. wearing through my socks again, pick up a new pair and that'll be my tuesday.

life can be so weird when yr not around in my town and it's shutting down. at night the lights are on but the people aren't around.
Track Name: cry about it - understand
where are you gonna live? it sinks in around this time. where are you gonna live? you'll always move yrself along these lines.

i know it's hard to understand, i don't claim to understand. he never left a thing unsaid, he'd just curl around your leg.
Track Name: spring onion - passover song
the center of the onion is rotten good, but you asked me to chop it and i know i should! i make decisions every day, i mostly feel ok.

i'm all alone in yr rented house, i've got the keys you can't keep me out. i fall asleep on yr first-hand couch, i dream of bugs sleeping in my mouth

something's sludging up my insides, i feel it running down my inner thigh

i made you cry, makes me wanna die just to see what it was like
Track Name: spring onion - vacation
my body was from new york city my mind it came from someplace shitty. i grew up on yr brother's tv, i threw up on yr brothers tv

everyone i know is on vacation, all my friends are out of town. wish i could go somewhere on vacation, where i could lay the boogie down...

my mind is an electric burner, can't cook slow unlike tina turner. this summer i am learning how tho! i can cook a kinda spicy kung pao.

everyone i know is on vacation, all my friends are out of town. wish i could go somewhere on vacation, where i could lay the boogie down...
Track Name: spring onion - meet the mets
i watch the mets but they're not my team. i take a nap in my jeans. i play to win (when i play), she says i shouldn't play today.

i take a walk with my mom, she drinks a coffee in the sun. we talk about our summer plans, she talks about her favorite bands.

i broke the vase but it's not my fault. i drank the whiskey that you bought. i'm such a dick & my head's too big. i'd rather hear yr side of it.
Track Name: spring onion - ask the internet
am i normal am i too much of a sad sack??? who is playing at the desolate and club shack??? i know some things, but i'm losing track of them.

i should just ask the internet