always asshole

by spring onion

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cover art by santi slade.


released March 12, 2014



all rights reserved


spring onion Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

cebd iv

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Track Name: always asshole
me and my friends we are sometimes assholes
even god is a sometimes asshole
does that make me an always asshole
what does it mean just to be an asshole

i wasn't out for blood x2
yer my brother yer my son
i'm the cousin i am everyone

will you call me when yer day is over
can i call you when i'm not hungover
i did a bad thing (a really bad thing)
i did a bad thing (a super bad thing)

i wasn't out fer blood x2
i'm a swimmer yer a runner
i'm the asshole yer my brother
Track Name: onion
as i am eating lunch i love the onion's crunch
but i won't brush my teeth, i hope you don't see me!

if i could i'd eat the world and all its seas, yer brains yer teeth
the rocks and plants that breathe carbon dioxide

if i could i'd seethe for all eternity, but i can't complete
the unmonotony so i'm comin' right outside
Track Name: song for pete
looking out over brooklyn
and my knees my knees are shot
middle age is here but the renaissance is not

16 going on 38, 20 pull off dead

looking after your dog
and he can't be left alone
he's as dumb as a log
and the telephone is cold

18 onto 45 20 pull off dead

you were back from alaska and you were head of state
yeah it's mostly symbolic, but you might control my fate

80 onto 95, 20 pull off dead